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from Beeserker

Yellow is the yellower of the two Sciencemen. While Orange is somewhat yellow, he also has a bunch of red in there too. His hobbies include throwing wrenches and collecting powerups.


from Beeserker

Orange is the oranger of the two Sciencemen. Despite the color of their science jackets, they're nearly identical in every other way; Orange gets upset a bit more frequently, but that's only because nothing rhymes with his name.

Trigona Ambrose

from Beeserker

Trigona is a beekeeper with her fair share of experience when it comes to gathering bees in videogames, but this time, she's half as tall as usual, and she doesn't have her flamethrower (although all the wrenches she throws are still somehow on fire).


from Robbie and Bobby

Bobby is by no means a man of science, or even a boy of science, but he IS best friends with a robot. Fortunately, Robbie couldn't make it - last thing the world needs is two robots in the prime of their lives joining forces.


from Crazy Sunshine

Peppermint is a science prodigy from another world where it's the scientists who have short green hair and the background tubes look a lot nicer. This girl is far beyond drawing with crayons, which is good, because Beeserker doesn't like to share.

Dan Foreman

from Blaster Nation

Dan is a retro game enthusiast now trapped in a most ironic labyrinth, wherein he's displayed in such a low resolution that you can't see his trademark whiskers.


from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Of all the twins, Commander Badass is the most likely to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Beeserker in a "rip people in half over your head" contest. Unfortunately, there won't be time for that, what with all the vertical scrolling.


from Olympus Overdrive

The god of the underworld has arrived at Beeserker's science tower! Maybe he can help guide all those wayward Bootsies to their final resting place. (Disclaimer: all twins, regardless of their degree of immortality, should avoid touching Bootsie or any other enemy.)


from Sister Claire

Sister Claire may be a nun, but in this tower, she's given a wrench just like everybody else. Granted, hers is made of gold and emits a powerful aura, but it works just the same.


from Whomp!

Ronnie is an hilariously self-conscious hero whose interests include anime, chicken nuggets, and not getting chased by raccoons. For one of these reasons, he's gonna haaaaate Beeserker's science tower.

Bandit Keynes

from Guilded Age

Bandit Keynes is a gnome thief. Rather, she's a gnome who's also a thief. In this game, she'll be a bee thief, and occasionally a golden Scootsie thief.


from I am ARG!

ARG is about as mature as he is colorful, but in this lab, that might just come as an advantage. (Also an advantage: his high jumping ability.)

Zeppelin Von Schultheiss

from Lighter Than Heir

Zeppelin is usually under the shadow of her father, but in this game, she'll be under the shadow of the lab's infinitely many platforms.

Just kidding - the lab is rather well lit.

George the Zombie

from Zombie Roomie

George may be a zombie, but he tries his best to break the stereotype - for example, despite being undead, he can die from touching enemies in this game!