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For the Scienceman Twins, working in a lab infested with critters, robots, and cat-shaped ghosts is par for the course. However, for some reason, now their lab is now an infinitely tall tower. The yellow and orange Sciencemen (nicknamed Yellow and Orange) must roll up rip off their sleeves and scale said tower armed with nothing but their wrenches, hoping that one day, they'll reach the top.

Scienceman Twins is a 1-2 player arcade-style platformer where you can collect bees, hit things with a wrench, avoid hitting things with a wrench, and help or hinder your fellow twin in a number of ways. These two Sciencemen aren't alone in this journey - by one flimsy premise or another, several characters from other webcomics have found their way into Beeserker's science tower, and you can guide them through this vertical labyrinth as well! Check out my Twinblog for the latest news about new characters and information about the game.

Want to see some preview screenshots? If you read this Beeserker strip, you already did! If not, there are a few more below. This science tower is full of surprises, so play to find out!